“I went to see Clare 9 months post pregnancy and suffering from pelvic and leg pain since the middle of my pregnancy. I wish I’d gone sooner, I put up with the pain for too long!

I had 2 sessions with Clare where she made me feel relaxed and has a knack of explaining how she works in a way that is simple to understand.

My posture has never been better and I am pain free. Brilliant!

I would highly recommend Clare to anyone suffering with pregnancy or post pregnancy pain.”
(Lisa, 2015)

“I have known Clare for many years, she has treated myself and horses. From the 2nd trimester I swapped my horse’s treatments for pregnancy treatments as I was having difficult form the start, I suffered from nausea and found eating difficult. Clare’s treatments definitely helped to manage the sickness and after each session I was able to eat properly, I had no back pain and I was able to exercise throughout my pregnancy.

I believe the treatment helped with my uncomplicated and very quick labour, I was in and out of the hospital within 24 hours. I have also had post mother and baby treatment to rebalance our bodies and ensure there’s nothing structural wrong.

I have had Clare up recently to treat Ffinlo as he started to colic after eating during the night and favoured drinking from one side. Within 1 session these were rectified.

Thanks Clare!”
(Emma, 2015)

“Clare worked on my 9 month old baby boy. Who has always suffered with tummy pain and constipation which made him very uncomfortable! Clare worked her magic, almost an instant effect was visible. His bowels began to move. He is now very regular and showing signs of no pain. I would insist this technique is used for any baby problems. Its worked wonders for my child.’ (Mrs Garrett, 2015) _____________

‘I was recommended to go and see Clare by Rachel at Total Wellness ( after complaining of back pain in her class 22 weeks into my pregnancy. I signed up for 10 sessions with Clare.

I am amazed! I walked in with intense lower back and sciatic pain which worsened throughout the day. This pain was stopping me from exercising and my concentration levels at work were poor. Within 2 session this has disappeared. I am now back swimming and training with Rachel and using the Bowen as an MOT.

I have found Clare to help with my breathing, the tightness around my waste and belly and my general energy.”
(Laura, 2015)

“My daughter suffered from hip dysplasia when she was born. I was advised to take her to a Physiotherapist. However the physio just said she will grow out of it.

18 month later my daughter’s foot still turned out when she walked and on the same leg her knee turned in. She was forming a crease on the inside of her thigh. This had worsened with her growing spurts.

Clare has noticed this one day and asked if she could treat Jasmine. Jasmine loves her treatments, she lies down and does exactly what Clare asks of her. It is amazing to watch!

Jasmine has had 4 sessions with Clare and her foot is now straight when she walks, the crease is still visible slightly, however the leg has straightening up. I am pleased with the improvements and looking forward to the end result.”
(Becky, 2015)

“Clare came to our pregnancy fitness class a couple of months ago to chat to the group about ‘Pregnancy Bowen’, I was impressed with what she had to say. I booked in for a session to see if Clare could help with my low-lying placenta, I was told by the midwife to prepare for a C-section. After 2 treatments I was back for another scan and the placenta has moved. I am feeling great benefits from the sessions with Clare by body feels relaxed and calm afterwards.”
(Anna, 2015)