Equine Case Studies


‘The Lemonpie’ Case Study trained by Brendan Powell Racing, Lambourn.
6 year old

 After leaving his front legs behind at fence 2 of the race, The Lemonpie landed on his neck/shoulder after performing a rotational fall and unseating the jockey. With the adrenalin rush he finished the race. Brendan asked me to have a look at him shortly after his arrival back to the yard. Lemonpie was very sore, stiff and showing lameness. He was reluctant to move out of his stable and he had lost his appetite; he was very sensitive to touch along his back, wither and off hind. I gave him an all over treatment to help reduce the trauma to the body, increase the natural healing response, reduce muscle spasm and aid the rehydration of the musculoskeletal system.
A week later I was back to retreat him, he was moving much better, sound and supple. He had been ridden out twice the stable lad and felt he was moving better than before the race. He was raced 5 days after the 2nd treatment and won. The jockey said it was the best The Lemonpie had ever felt.

Raa Owned by Miss Gregg Accredited Trainer
8 years old
Warmblood X

Raa was purchased as a 4 year old to compete in eventing. In September 2011 Raa had an accident at a cross country fence resulting in him jarring his offside shoulder and injuring his sacroiliac area, he was checked by the vet and was given minimum of 6 weeks off to recover. He was then brought back into work slowly. At first he was showing no signs of lameness but he just never felt like he was truly engaged and never really picked up his front end over the showjumps. 8 months later, January 2012, I met Clare, she started to work on Raa as I felt he just was not quite right. Between the first two treatments Raa wasn’t ridden to allow a total rebalance of the body, relieve the strain over the SI area and to aid and loosen the thoracic sling (frontend). From then on Raa was put on a detailed 6 week exercise programme to encourage him to work over his back and open the shoulders to allow the hindlimb to step through and under. The transformation was phenomenal, his shoulders had loosened off and realigned, he was square front and behind and this had never been the case prior to the treatments. I was able to brush him without him biting you and trying to kick you. Raa was generally more relaxed and happier. His work had improved tremendously, picking up through he shoulder, his gait had lengthened and he was able to step through. Clare comes to see Raa every 3/6 months for an MOT.