‘Wow what can I say , Clare has completely rejuvenated me .. My entire muscular structure now works correctly , I get virtually no muscle fatigue and when you have 7 huskies to run it is vital to stay fit …. I recommend Clare to all my salon clients.’
Marco leonetti, Director Utopia hair salons

‘A few years ago I developed a cancerous tumour on my left side. I wasn’t diagnosed for a year and continued to exercise, I grew weaker and weaker during this time. After I was diagnosed I started to have treatments with Clare.  She gave me several Bowen sessions which made me feel instantly better. My left side loosened and my lower back became looser, my energy levels improved.  I am now training for half marathons. Clare came to the rescue’
Debbie Gregg

‘Clare has treated myself and my horses I felt much better afterwards and unlike other treatments I have had remained feeling better for a long while the horses were much improved after her treatments highly recommended.’
Frazer Houston Equine Dentist

Being a national hunt jockey I am often getting falls which results in plenty of aches and pains, mostly shoulder and back pains, but after just the one session/treatment with Clare, I was back to being my normal self, I would definatly recommend her services to anyone in a similar situation!’
Brendan Powell national Hunt Jockey

‘Excellent results over short period of time! My horses top line has improved dramatically after 2 treatments.’

‘ I have also had treatments from Clare which worked wonders! My balance and posture had improved from 2 treatments.’ I now see Clare every 3 months for treatments on my horses and me.’
R. Northover (2013)

Horse Racing

‘Being a national hunt jockey I am often getting falls which results in plenty of aches and pains, mostly shoulder and back pains, but after just the one session/treatment with Clare, I was back to being my normal self, I would definatly recommend her services to anyone in a similar situation! ‘Brendan Powell National Hunt Jockey

‘I have used Clare for many years both treating myself and my horses. In eventing it is key that horse and rider can work together comfortably. Clare is very thorough and worked with vets when my horse was having difficulties accepting leg aids. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Clare treat any of the horses on the yard. Clare has treated a number of horses that I ride and there is always a significant improvement.’
William Biggart & Claire Warnford

I don’t pretend to understand what Clare does to my horses but I have been using her for some time , following treatment they move better , are happier horses and after a week or two they even look better in their coats. Keep up the good work!
Dominic ffrench Davis,Racehorse trainer.

I have used Clare for both horse and human treatments, I can honestly say she has worked wonders for us both. I had been suffering with a sore back that was increasingly uncomfortable after one treatment alone I had dramatic improvement and suppleness in my back. The same is to be said about her work on my horses- all horses have improved dramatically with all Clare’s hard work. I have noticed a huge change in both horses and their way of going- I can honestly say that Clare’s work has been a massive co tributary factor to some of my results this year. I cannot recommend Clare enough, not only for her work but her friendly and professionalism.
Polly Tucker U25, Eventer

‘I was amazed to see the difference in my horses after Clare had treated them. I feel Clare’s work has made a huge difference to their performance.’
‘It’s a difference between winning and losing!’
Brendan Powell Racing (2012)

‘I was amazed by the performance for the horse. I as the trainer could see the visible difference in the horse’s performance, the jockey backed this up. He felt a noticeable difference immediately’.

‘Fantastic Therapy’
Chann, Singapore (2008)


‘We have seen a tremendous difference in our string of ponies after Clare’s treatments. I feel Clare helps us keep our ponies injury free throughout this season. I can not recommend Clare enough, the work she has done has been fantastic.’ Triskelion Polo Club.

‘A fabulous therapy with visible results, works well on our horses. Shame Clare is only here for a short while.’ Andersons, Galong, Australia.

Veterinary Recommendation

‘I have worked closely with Clare and have seen excellent results over the years and I highly recommend her to all my clients.’Martie Viljoen BVSc MRCVS, IOM.


‘My horses have been working amazingly, since Clare has treatment my horses. One of the best Practitioners I’ve met!’ Barton Grand Prix Dressage Rider
‘Clare has been working on my horses for over 2 years my horses have never felt so good!’Zara R Barton Grand Prix Dressage Rider

‘As an owner of an 18 3hh Dressage horse, I know how essential it is to make sure he is on top form physically. A gym instructor, I know how important it is to make sure that I’m not getting in the way of my horse. Equilibrium makes both possible. Clare has a no-nonsense approach to the treatment of us both, and it’s clear that the welfare of the horse is the number one priority for her. She doesn’t allow my gym driven ego to get in the way of correct training and recovery treatment. Because of Clare at Equilibrium, my horse begins his Prix St. George debut next season fit, healthy, and balanced. And I’m in the best condition I’ve been in for years.’Ivan Kelly Grand Prix Dressage Rider


‘My hunt horse suffers from RAO (COPD) he struggles up hills and at the end of the day. I have had Clare work on him for 2 seasons, the treatments and the recommendation from Clare to use Secreta Pro supplement has definitely made a difference.’
Stuart Radbourn Master of A.V. Hunt

Pony Club

I recently purchased for my eleven year old daughter a 13.2hh pony which during ridden work, was showing a problem with the nearside hind foot turning in during walk and trot work. Clare Townsend has seen my daughters pony on two occasions and I can now report that the pony is working in a better outline and does not turn in the left hind during walking and trotting work.

I  asked Clare if she would come and check my mare over and try the EMRT treatment.  After a course of treatments my mare was noticeably less grumpy when being brushed, especially over her hind quarters. She is enjoying her work again and is working evenly on both reins, her tail is back to being straight and her pelvis has been rebalanced.  In all she is back to her normal self!  The EMRT treatment has worked wonderfully.  Clare has subsequently used my mare as one of her case studies.
Suzanne Dentith