Treatments can take anything from 5 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending the matter in hand. The equine therapy is performed at the yard or field. The horse must be dry and warm prior to the treatment.The rider can be treated at the home or with prior arrangement, at the local therapy centre.

Our Practitioners works out of numerous centres around your area so why not give us a call.

Bowen Technique

Each Treatment includes:

  • Visual and movement assessment and consultation
  • In depth case history
  • Treatment protocol and procedure
  • Post exercises programme
  • Referrals in necessary
  • 24 hour after care

From £45.00

Equine Therapy

Each session includes:

  • Consultation
  • Assessment in walk / trot / ridden & or lunged
  • In depth case history
  • Treatment programme
  • Written report & examination
  • Exercise programme
  • Regular contact with your vet and trainer (if required)
  • 24 hour aftercare
  • Owner booklet

From £50.00

  • More than 4 horses £35 per horse
  • A discount is given for a group of horses at the same yard.
  • Horse & rider assessment and treatment special offer £80.00 (1st session)
  • Consultation and assessment fee £20.00 per 30 minutes
  • Petrol will be added if journey is over an hour £1.00 per mile

Practitioners  visit yards in Gloucestershire, Berkshire and West Oxfordshire, please call to find out zone days as a %20 discount can be offered to you.

Clare regularly runs clinics and demonstrations nationwide. Isle of Man, New forest, Kent & Essex, Lancashire and the borders. If you are interested in attending please contact Clare on 07880707387.