Pre, During & Post Pregnancy

The Bowen Therapy is an innovative hands-on technique that can play an important role in the health care of the mother and baby during all stages of pregnancy.

The Bowen Technique is one of the only therapies that can be performed in its entirety with the patient sitting or lying on their side and up to labour.

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pregnancyDuring pregnancy the mother has to adapt to provide space for the growing baby. Ligaments will soften and her weight will increase. This will affect her centre of gravity and her posture creating stresses and strains throughout the body.

The spine and pelvis are particularly vulnerable areas during pregnancy, with expected mothers suffering from pubic symphasis, sacroiliac pain, achy legs or any of the below conditions.

• Backache
• Sciatica
• Headaches
• Fatigue
• Nausea/ dizziness
• Breathlessness
• Heartburn
• Pain under ribs

The common pregnancy pains and discomfort are easily and gently relieved almost immediately with this therapy and it is very relaxing for the expected mother.

Birth is a natural process, although it can be tiring for the mother and baby. During birth, the pelvis and coccyx are put under immense pressure, this can cause a shift or alter their alignment especially with assisted births.

This can inhibit the mother’s body from recovering to its natural state quickly, bring about lower back pain, sciatica and even neck pain.

It takes time for these structures to strengthen after birth due to hormonal changes, therefore they are highly susceptibility to injury during this time.

Bowen has shown to increase the rate in which the tissues are restored to normality.

The Bowen Technique is an Australian therapy brought to Europe in the 1970’s. This therapy has proven to have phenomenal results relieving pregnancy aches and pains, with immediate effect in most cases. This unique therapy aids balance for the mother and baby and has shown to have a beneficial effect pre, during and post labour.

Because of the nature of this non-invasive therapy a pregnant woman can receive treatments as regular as weekly to help keep her and the baby balanced.

As this therapy induces deep muscular relaxation it can help to aid a healthy labour, by sustaining the flow of the natural birthing process.

This therapy not only helps the mother thought pregnancy, but with regular treatments it can have a detrimental effect in supporting a natural birth. Making labour less traumatic for the mother and the baby. The baby is therefore less susceptible to neck restriction, hip dysplasia, respiratory disorders or intolerances to the mother’s milk.

The birth is one of the most traumatic processes the mother and child goes through. Especially if the mother has undergone an assisted birth. The sudden change of temperature, environment and conditions can also be stressful. Some baby’s heads can appear misshapen “moulding” or bruised. In some cases the baby is happy and content and the head rebalances itself, others, the baby may show signs of discomfort or irritation.

Because this therapy is so gentle the baby is able to have Bowen within the first week.

The Bowen can help with:

  • Unable to settle (distressed)
  • Taking a long time to feed or difficult to latch on (jaw imbalance)
  • Colic especially after feeding
  • Crying due to wind
  • Only sleeps for a short time, or wakes as soon as they are laid down
  • misalignment of the spine
  • hip dysphasia
  • sinus / respiratory conditions
  • neck restrictions
  • ear infection
  • headache

These are the most common symptoms, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.

It enables the baby to relax and grow up balanced.

Pregnancy Bowen

Per Session

Free consultation £0.00
Consultation + Treatment (1hr) £45.00
Regular Treatments -Block of 5 (Pay for 4 receive 5th free) £180.00
Regular Treatments -block of 10 (Pay for 8 and receive 2 treatment free) £360.00

Mother and Baby

Per Session

Mother and baby Treatment ( up to 2 years old ) £45.00

Shared Treatments

Per Session

Mother and child (1.5/2hrs) (Aged 3 – 16 years old) £60.00

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