Rider Therapy


Improving your posture + reducing your horses compensatory reactions
= equlibrium between the hose and rider

martha jumping headge

Everyone from beginners to professional riders can benefit from regular myofascia release therapy and trigger point therapy such as the Bowen Technique.The Bowen Technique designed to aid the balance of the rider by reducing musculoskeletal aches and pains through to rehabilitation of injuries. This therapy is becoming the top sports therapy in the world, making a huge impact in the physiotherapy field due to an excellent track record.

Working with horses on a daily basis creates one-sidedness; getting on from the left, mucking out, brushing, all strengthens one side of the body more than the other resulting in a weakness which creates an imbalance when riding . We are thrown, pulled, jolted with occasional whiplash over fences or falling off, all of these create restriction within the fascia resulting in musculoskeletal imbalance.

Restrictions such as these cause the horse to compensate in such a way he/she becomes imbalanced, which over time results in injury.

This treatment is excellent in helping the rider by …tom trot up

  • adopting a correct position in the saddle
  • ensuring the correct is distributed down both legs
  • aiding softer hands allowing a better feel through the reins
  • allowing the rider to move more freely by loosening through the back
  • enhancing natural balance
  • reducing any aches or pains, cramp or spasms
  • sharpening communications between leg, hand and the horse
  • improving one-sidedness

‘Unlock Your Horse Potential..’