Bowen Testimonials



‘For the past 10 years I have suffered from severe debilitating migraines that have regularly stopped me from performing my daily activities. I have been to the GP for tablets to help ease the pain, since seeing Clare in 2008 I have had no migraines!’
R Watson (2012)

‘ Before I started seeing Clare I would regularly suffer from cluster migraines, the prescriptive drugs didn’t really help. However just after 2 sessions with Clare the pressure around my head had gone, and to date I can honestly say I’ve not had a migraine since.’
L Gardiner (2011)

Muscle Pain

‘Excellent results over short period of time. Thanks clare my back is great!’
S.Smith (2013)

‘Fantastic Therapy, worked wonders on my knee. I am now able to run without pain.’S. Callin (2013)

Imagine a Life without Pain…