Sports Bowen

‘The Winning Edge’

Bowen is becoming one of the worlds top sports therapy, with its fast response it can be used on and off the pitch during competitions.

  • Remarkable relief from acute injuries
  • Preventing injuries before they happens
  • Encourage optimum performance
  • An excellent therapy pre, post and during sporting activities
  • Prevails any pre-existing injures from reoccurring with age

‘Its the difference between winning and loosing!’ B. Powell

The Bowen technique is vastly spreading throughout the world of sports, with its rapid treatment response. When used within 4 hours of an injury occurring, even over swollen tissue the Bowen can half the healing time of most soft tissue injuries, where most injuries can take up to two weeks to heal.

This effective form of neuromuscular therapy is regularly used by elite athlete for the prevention and treatment of injury, pre, post and during exercise.


  • Reduced recovery time between training sessions, therefore you can train harder and more frequent
  • Diminish the likelihood of injury
  • Preventing primary injury leading to further injury
  • Aid muscle rehydration
  • Reduce lactic acid build up within the muscle
  • Enables you to utilise your body more body more efficiently

The Bowen is a very effective on and off the pitch with its immediate action, this therapy rehydrates the soft tissue aiding support for injuries such as sprains strains, hamstring pain, cramp.

Where the Bowen an help…


The Bowen reduces adhesion’s within the muscle, breaks down lactic acid build up in the muscle, reduces muscle fatigue preventing the likelihood of injury.

This dynamic therapy allows the muscle to function at its optimum efficiency. by ensuring optimum range of movement through the musculoskeletal system creating an overall stride length in runners.

Post Exercise

Given within 4 hours of injury, the Bowen can help to relax the muscles, prevent muscle soreness any bruising, removes by-product of muscle contraction known as lactic acid, aids filtration of nutrients and aids healing to damaged tissue.

During training

This therapy can be given between training sessions to improve recovery, reduce injury, maximise performance and enhance the effect of training, it also has been known to addresses inflammation preventing further injury.


The Bowen aids recovery form injuries; reduced inflammatory response to ensure a stronger more pliable tissue is formed. It has been thought that the Bowen helps to increase flexibility to scar tissue as well as speeding up recovery time by activating the heeling mechanism of the body.

Bowen does not replace any medical advice,if you are in any doubt contact your doctor.

Pain is not to be ignored by playing through the pain will only result in further injury possibly tear in the muscle or a strained tendon. If not treated it will reflect in loss of mobility, pack of performance, or at worse a structural breakdown, resulting in a minor tear to severe ligament damage wish can normally take up to 18 months to heal.

Imagine a Life without Pain…