Migraine Relief

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of migraines and the human body individual results will vary from person to person. Please feel free to discuss the Bowen Technique and my proceedure with me in complete confidence. I can also provide you with references on request.

Imagine a Life without Pain… and relief from your migraine

It’s a fact:    24% of all women and nearly as many men will suffer from migraine at some stage in their life. The effects of migraine can last days and often sufferers are bed-ridden unable to work or look after their families.

Orthodox medicine will prescribe painkillers for migraine relief that do not heal the cause of your discomfort- the migraine may fade but you know it will return.

My name is Clare Townsend and I am a Bowen Technique practitioner. I have been treating patients for migraine since 2007. My investigations direct my practice and my practice addresses the cause of the migraine providing long term relief from pain.

Often clients will feel immediate relief from only one session

If you suffer from migraine and would like to know more about how my practice of the Bowen Technique can provide long term relief from pain please call me on 07880707387 or email clareltownsend@me.com

“For the past 10 years I have suffered from severe debilitating migraines that have regularly stopped me from performing my daily activities. I have been to the GP for tablets to help ease the pain, since seeing Clare in 2008 I have had no migraines!” R Watson, 2012      –the view expessed here is based on one individual’s experience of my practice of the Bowen Technique. Your experience may vary but please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have during our initial phone call.

My prices are very transparent-

Initial phone call + Assessment Free
Consultation and 1st session £45
Follow up sessions (if required) £45
  • Home appointments are by special arrangement
  • Clare’s patients visit her at The Natural Healing Clinic, Strang Road, Union Mills, Isle of Man