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  • 400,000 people in the UK reported work related stress
  • 24% of all women will suffer from migraine at some stage in their life
  • 6 to 9% of the world’s population will be affected my Fibromyalgia

With the modern lifestyle of today, our bodies are constantly seeking and adjusting to attain, which over time creates an imbalance within the body mentally, physically and emotionally.

Research over the past decade has highlighted the link between the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Which is brought about by strain on the body’s natural coping mechanism. As tension and stress develops within the body an imbalance is created within the mental and emotional state, Symptoms such as lack of concentration, migraines, anxiety, panic attacks and depression all are linked to an imbalance within the bodies’ apparatus. Treatable conditions

This therapy is a dynamic therapy that empowers the bodies’ own healing mechanism, achieving balance and harmony within the physical, mental and emotional state. Resulting in a faster and longer lasting treatment for stress, anxiety as well as relieving aches and pains.

‘Prevention is better than cure.’

By tailoring a maintenance programme to each individual client depending on their needs, ensures the body is able to cope with external environmental factors, ensuring equilibrium and harmony within the body. This improves the overall performance, increases a sense of well-being, improves energy levels and has been known to have excellent results with nervous dispositions such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Clients have noted results from the below ailments:

  • Increased coordination
  • Trim down panic attacks
  • Helps with nervousness, anxiety and depression
  • An overall sense of happiness and well-being
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Aware of increased concentration and alertness
  • De-stress and relaxation
  • Improvement in sleeping patterns
  • Relief of muscle pain and stiffness
  • Increased balance, mobility, flexibility and range of movement

Statistics from Stress, Anxiety and depression Report 2010/11.


24% of all women will suffer from migraine at some stage in their life.

According to the City of London Migraine Clinic, the cause can vary from hormonal to food intollarences to sleeping patterns. However, studies have shown dehydration of soft tissue can also be a cause.

‘For the past 10 years I have suffered from severe debilitating migraines that have regularly stopped me from performing my daily activities. I have been to the GP for tablets to help ease the pain, since seeing Clare in 2008 I have had no migraines!’ R.Watson, 2012.


Affects between 6 to 9 % of the worlds population mostly women. Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that is not well understood. The characteristics by tlythargic, chronic pain throughout the body, weakness and fatigue. The bowen is works on the nervous system reducing severity of the pain, increasing strength and energy.

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that is not well understood. It is characterized by chronic pain throughout the body, weakness, and fatigue; and it most affects women. People with fibromyalgia are often treated with allopathic medication, but the Bowen bodywork technique shows promise in dealing with this chronic health condition.

Imagine a Life without Pain…